All About Brows

Eyebrows have become a staple part of everyone’s makeup routine, and we’ve witnessed the increasing rise in the obsession with eyebrows among celebrities, Youtube, and Instagram. We’ve come a long way from the popular trend of waxing and tweezing our brows to borderline non-existence. They have been given a new-found sense of importance, and for good reason… Brows are important.


Cara Delevinge can perhaps be credited for rekindling the appreciation of bold, bushy brows.


The barely-there brows were a huge trend from the 90’s onwards

There are a vast array of brow products available which can be used to define, shape and fill-in your brows. The perfect brow product for you will depend on your own personal preference, and what you are trying to achieve with your brows. I have been loving pencils because I can fill in my brows with hair-like strokes which give them an overall naturally defined look. One tip that I can give is to work with what you have, use the shape of your natural brows and find the perfect product to enhance that. I can 100% guarantee that Angelina Jolie would NOT look good with Cara Delevinge’s brows. Of course, everyone wants to mimic the popular, perfectly cut and defined Instagram brows that we see everywhere, but to achieve brows that perfectly complement your face shape it is best to work with what you naturally have.

I am going to be talking about all the of the brow products that I own, ranging from high-end to drugstore.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

This is one that I recommend above all others. The formula of this pencil is absolutely perfect, it is not too waxy but also not too dry so that it tugs on your eyebrow hairs. This is also the only pencil I have that matches my true hair colour perfectly. I am in the shade 6 and it is the perfect shade for my eyebrows, and it has a neutral undertone which is difficult to find as a lot of darker eyebrow product shades generally have a warm undertone. It is a high end product so of course it comes with a high end price tag, and for that reason I don’t use it as often as I would like to. I save it for special occasions, and it never fails to give me flawless brows.

I received this brow kit for my 21st birthday and I fell head over heels in love! The entire kit retails for R475,00. You can purchase these products individually, but to give you an idea of the price, the Goof Proof Pencil by itself retails for R335,00. Inside this kit you get eyebrow stencils, a full size High Brow pencil, a full size Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and a travel size Ready, Set, Brow! eyebrow gel. The entire kit is valued at roughly R900,00.

The eyebrow stencils are great if you have very little brow hairs and need help with the shape, however I don’t find the need to use these stencils on myself. I fill in my brows using the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and then brush through them to blend out everything using the spooly on the end side of the pencil. I will then outline my brows completely using the High Brow, which is a beautiful creamy, light pink highlighting shade that blends out like a dream. This product really makes my brows pop and also cleans up around the edges if I have been slightly messy. I will then set my brows using the Ready, Set, Brow! gel which is honestly like gorilla glue for my brows. They do not budge for the rest of the day with this gel. I am obsessed with the combination of these products, and I really do think this kit is worth the splurge.

Click {here} to see how these Benefit products look on my brows!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

I have read many reviews, and watched many Youtube videos which all state that this is a dupe for the cult favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz. I have never used the brow whiz, so I can’t confirm that statement but I am all about that dupe life. My favourite videos to watch on Youtube are dupe videos, where they show you inexpensive alternatives for high end products.


These retail for R149,95 at Clicks. I really like the formula of these pencils as well, and they are really easy to work with. They are available in eight different shades, and I picked up the shade Chocolate because they were sold out of any other dark colours. It’s not a terrible match for my hair colour, however the only problem I have with it is that it does have a noticeably warm undertone which is better suited for people with lighter brown hair than myself.

I also really love the fact that like the Benefit pencil, it comes with a spooly on one end. The applicator is really tiny, which is great to mimic the appearance of hair by using short and light strokes, and it also provides more control when shaping your brows. You honestly can’t go wrong with this product and the value for the price is fantastic.

Click {here} to see how the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil looks on my brows.

Essence Brow Designer

This has been my go-to everyday brow product for quite some time now. I reach for this product to do my brows sometimes without even thinking about it. Let me start off by saying that these cost R29,95 at Clicks. I mean, how crazy? I truly, truly love this pencil. It’s very pigmented, glides on easily and stays in place for a long time (around 6 hours) before fading slightly. This is the one brow product that I will continue to repurchase, because you seriously cannot beat the price point. I prefer the size of this applicator over the Nyx Micro Brow, but obviously that is all dependent upon personal preference. It takes me two minutes to fill in my brows with this product.


The only negative thing about this product is the fact that it’s a wooden pencil, so it needs to be sharpened. Of course this isn’t the end of the world, however it is a tad inconvenient to always remember to keep a sharpener handy especially when travelling.Another issue is the shade range, I’m not sure if it’s just because they are always sold out at the stores near me but I have only ever seen two or three shades of these. I picked up the darkest one I could find in stock which was 02 Brown, however I think it may be difficult for people with lighter hair to find a perfect match. If you do find your shade, pick it up immediately! I highly recommend this pencil, and you’ll be saving some cash – bonus.


Click {here} to see how the Essence Brow Designer looks on my brows.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit

This is a product that I’ve had for years, and I picked it up when I also wanted to join the filling-in-my-brows trend but I didn’t know a thing about anything. It comes with a powder and a wax, as well as a double sided brush and a mini spooly. I rarely use the wax through my entire brow as it is extremely dark and also gives a very unnatural look. So I will typically just use the powder to fill in my brows with an angled brush. I have the shade Dark Brown, which has a very warm undertone to it.


Again, the colour options are not great as I think there may only be two colours available in Clicks or Dis-Chem and it retails for R84,95. I think it’s great for beginners, if you are new to the brow scene and are a little intimidated by the idea of using a pencil, powder is a great alternative. It’s easy to use to give your brows more definition. Another tip is that the powder can double up as an eyeshadow, I often dip into this powder to use in my crease.


This is the Cala 504 Brow/Liner brush which is perfect for eyebrows!

Click {here} to see how the Rimmel Brow This Way kit looks on my brows.

As with any makeup, brow products work differently for different people so it is good to play around with different products until you find the perfect one. These are products I have tried and loved, but I am constantly on the search for more and better products. I hope you enjoyed reading this.



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