Makeup Stash – Foundation

Hi friends!

Welcome to the next installation of my makeup collection series. If you haven’t seen the first one, where I show you all of my primers, you can read it here. Today’s makeup collection post is all about the foundations that I own.

As with the last post, going through my makeup collection like this has really helped me become aware of the makeup that is simply wasting away in my drawers because I never use them. So the same thing applies with my foundations – if I don’t like it or haven’t used it recently I will be giving it away to willing friends or family. There is something so refreshing about this whole process and I look forward to doing the rest of my makeup stash!

I just realized that I don’t own any high-end foundations. lol. So we’ll just be starting with drugstore then;


From L-R

  • Essence: Pure Nude Make-up

I really enjoy this foundation for those days [every day] when I don’t feel like wearing foundation but just want my skin to look a tiny bit better than usual. It’s advertised as having a “natural finish” and “no make-up feel” and I can 100% agree with that. It has a very light coverage and I usually forget that I’m even wearing any foundation. I would recommend this if you’re looking for something super lightweight or if you’re just starting out with makeup. The one thing I will say is that this oxidizes like crazy. That means that once I’ve blended it onto my skin it will generally dry and set as a shade darker than when I originally applied it, so I would suggest picking up a shade lighter than the one that matches your skin tone. Definitely keeping this one though.

  • Sorbet: BB Cream

This is the only BB cream I own so I thought I would toss it in here with my foundations. I love this BB cream! This is another product that I reach for on an everyday basis when I want something with a light coverage just to even out my skin tone and blemishes. You may recognize this from my Everyday Makeup Routine post because this was the only product I was reaching for in the hot months of summer. Keeping this one for sure.

  • L’Oreal: 24H Infallible Foundation

I haven’t used this foundation in ages but I am so hesitant to give it away because I remember really enjoying it. It has a medium coverage but you can definitely add more coverage by applying two layers. It does have a strong sunscreen scent which made me nervous because usually a high SPF in face products means that there will be flashback in photos, so I generally stuck to using this foundation in the daytime. I think I’ll be giving this another chance and then deciding if it’s staying or not.


From L-R

  • Catrice: HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Spoiler: I’ve already given this one away. I liked it BUT I was way too impatient to get my hands on it, so I didn’t wait until they had my shade in stock and bought a shade that was way too light. I made it work when I was at the palest that my skin can possibly get, but even then it wasn’t the right shade – so for that reason it had to go. It’s full coverage with a matte finish. I would not recommend this if you have dry skin because I remember it feeling extremely dry on my skin and the only way I could wear it was by mixing it with a moisturizer or moisturizing primer. I did love the finish and coverage, but I’m not in a rush to repurchase.

  • L.A. Girl: Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation

I LOVE THIS! This is my current ride-or-die foundation. I had to repurchase a lighter shade since I’m losing my December tan, and I even bought an extra back-up because that’s how committed I am to this baby. Every single time I wear this foundation I get compliments on my skin, and I know for sure that it’s because of the foundation because I never get compliments on my skin. It has a medium to full coverage with a dewy finish. It feels so comfortable on the skin and even once it’s set with powder, it gives a beautiful natural glow. Also, it’s like R150, I mean come on. Keeping this one forever.

  • Rimmel: Stay Matte Foundation

Ugh. The texture of this one actually makes me cringe. First of all, it was one of the first foundations I ever purchased (years and years ago) so it’s going straight into the bin because it’s 100% expired. Second of all, I can’t believe I ever wore this. It has a mousse consistency and I was always fully aware that there was something on my face when wearing this because it was so thick and uncomfortable. I prefer a liquid foundation that feels light on my skin, and this genuinely felt like the definition of “cake-face”. No offence if you enjoy this, it just was not for me. 🙂

That’s it for all the foundations that I own, thank you for reading!

See you next week for my concealer collection.


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